Fluer til Em åen og Mörrums åen - Brian P. Størup

Fluer bundet på Pro Fly Tube System til de to svenske elve

Billederne af fluerne er krydret med lidt billeder fra fangster i de to svenske elve.

                Sunburst, Fierry Brown and Black Fox. Dubbing Dark X-mas Tree Angel dub                                                        "Em Blue" - Light Dressed. Fantastic fly in the morning.

                                      Grey Heron dyed Hot Orange, makes Burnt Orange.                                                     "Burnt Orange" Bumler - Thanks to Bastrup for the inspiration, we now it catch fish
        If you don´t have Heron, use Ringneck rumpfeathers. Dubbing is Angel Dub PMD Gold

                               About 9 kg Catch & Release. "Burnt Orange" with Butt Cone                                                                          Here i got a salmon on 75 cm Catch & Realease

                                                Again a very simple fly. This one is Rabbit                                                                                               Easy Rabbit "BG" 2010 - This fly just catch fish.....

         Almost no materials... For ving you can use Shadowfox bodyskin, Red Fox body skin,                                             "Burnt Orange" NW - A very simple fly... Only 2.5 cm long
             Rabbit or Rat. Dyed Burnt Orange. The dubbing is Angel dub Rusty Olive/Black.
         If you want a some weight on the fly, use the bullet weight or a conehead in the back.

                                                    Big Seatrout on a "Sok", River Em                                                                                                      Catch & Release salmon on 8-9 kilo at River Em

       Again.. Simple. Ringneck Rump feathers. Big Red Hen feather. Black/Blue/purple dub.                                                                          You got to have a sok.. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                  This one is for Seatrout when its cloudy. But of cause the salmon likes it to

Billeder og tekst af Brian P. Størup