Nye materialer - Nye fluer

New materials - New flies

New materials - New flies from Future Fly:

                                                                              Future Fly Bird Eyes

                              This is a "Big Mama" Style... We made Weights with a 3mm holesize and UFO Disc with holesize in 3mm..
                                                          Now its possible to make Compact flies:-) Like the "FatBoy" Style

                                                                                       ‎"Big Mama" Style



Flies from Lars Chr. Bentsen, using products of  Future Fly:

                                            I've also been tying a few other flies on FutureFly products, such as this one.
                                                        A version of the famous Black/Yellow, or Poorman's Jock Scott.

              I've been experimenting a little with the new big UFO Discs with 3mm bore to fit the large tube.
                  So far, I like it for big, black summer flies that are meant to swim just below the surface.
             Tying only on the large tube is faster, easier, allows for even more silhouette and a little to my surprise,
                                                               the large tube even burns a nice collar!

                                                             Here's a closeup of the collar and UFO Disc in large with 3mm hole.

Flies from Torben Bastrup, using products of  Future Fly:

                                                               Bird eyes Shadow - 3 mm tube / 8 mm Ufo..

                                                                                                    Bird Eyes......

Flies from Frank Bryde Thornild, using products of  Future Fly:

                      Whauu....That Tanuki is my new favorit...Bring on some Honey Gold And Fiery Brown please, Brian.

Flies from Johan Bertilsson, using products of  Future Fly:

                                                                                                      Midnight Banan






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