Willie Gun Intruder - step by step

Flue bundet på Shanks - bundet af Kasper Røjsmose step by step

Willie Gun Intruder


Shank:      FutureFly Shank 35 mm
Wire:         Intruder wire from Skagit anglers
Back:        First dubbing Mørrum Orange from FutureFly, then Yellow, Red and Black Opposum from FutureFly.
Back:        Yellow Amherst and Signature Flash Mörrum Orange from FutureFly and Sunburst Yellow Mini Marabou.
Middle:     Holo Ggold Flatbraid from FutureFly
Front:       Signature Dubbing after After Midnight dubbing from FutureFly, Black Arctic fox, After Midnight Signature Angelhair from FutureFly. Black Mini Marabou. 
Wing:       Jungle Cock
Eyes:        Saltwater eyes


Willie Gun Intruder - tired step by step

First I take a FutureFly Shank 35 mm - Tie in the wire for the trailer hook - Tie in a pair of saltwater eyes

Form a small lumb of dubbing - Tie in a few strands of crystal flash - Tie in some Opossum with the tips pointing forward
Pull every thing back and secure i with the thread - Tie in some Amherst fibres an some flash 

Form a hackle with Sunburst Yellow Mini Marabou - Tie in the Flatbaid an make the body - Form another ball of dubbing

Tie in some Arctic Fox and pul it back - Tie in more Amherst and flash - Form a hackle with Black Mini Marabou

Tie in a pair of Jungle Cock as wing

Kasper Røjsmose