New FutureFly - FF Tiny Muddler Hair

FF Tiny Muddler Hair is perfect for small muddlers, very thind in the hair, easy to work with, its dyed on natural skind so there is a small variation on the pieces.

Can also be used in small dryflies.

14_future_fly_01  14_future_fly_02



FutureFly Hair – FF Tiny Muddler Hair
FF Tiny Muddler Hair 

Kategori: 1 stk. Skind

Farver (se billeder):

• Green Olive
Golden Olive
• Brown
• Orange
• Red
• Black

Pris kr. 21,00

Farver - se billeder:

1) Natur
2) Green Olive
3) Golden Olive

1) Olive
2) Brown
3) Orange

1) Red
2) Black

Finn Nielsen og Dansk
FutureFly Forhandler - FutureFly Retailer